As we all know insurance is complex. There are myriad policies on the market to protect you and your business against a wide variety of risks.

By using Colonial Insurance - an IBNA broker, you engage a specialist who can save you time and money and give you peace of mind if disaster strikes.

All our Insurance Advisers are qualified as Certified Insurance Professionals by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

Colonial Insurance offer professional advice and arrange the most appropriate insurance covers for your needs. We are there when you need to make a claim or review your circumstances.

Going direct to an insurer may seem cheaper. But would you fight a legal dispute without a solicitor, or lodge your company’s tax return without an accountant? Colonial Insurance is your professional insurance partner who can analyse your situation and provide a tailored plan to meet your needs. Consult an insurance expert; don’t just hope for the best.

Colonial Insurance - as your brokers represent you, the insurance purchaser, not the insurer. We offer professional advice on house, car, business and other insurance needs. We can also access life and disability insurance and other financial services. Colonial Insurance as an IBNA broker can help you protect just about anything.

Using Colonial Insurance gives you access to economies of scale and insurance packages specially developed for IBNA brokers’ clients.