Risk What's cover required
Public Liability Cover in the event of bodily injury or property damage that a business may negligently cause to others.
Products Liability Cover for liability claims arising from your products.
Property in Physical or Legal Control Cover for property damage to the property that is not owned by you but which is in your physical or legal control
Business Property (Fire & Defined Perils) Cover for business assets (building, contents, stock, machinery, Tenant’s Leasehold Improvements etc) against loss or damage caused by fire, and defined events (e.g. water damage, storm damage, malicious damage)
Accidental Damage Cover for damage that is neither a fire and defined peril or a specific policy exclusion
Business Interruption also known as Consequential Loss Insurance Cover for a loss of property may also result in a "loss of profits" and/or additional expenses. This covers against loss which is a consequence of the property loss
Professional Indemnity Cover for professional for his or her legal liability to others due to professional negligence.
Burglary Cover for theft following forcible and violent entry to the premises. Note: this term may not apply for some states in Australia.
Motor Vehicle Cover for comprehensive insurance for all registered vehicles for which you are responsible, whether owned, leased, employees, hired and costumers vehicles*
Electronic Equiplment Cover for electrical, electronic and mechanical items (e.g. computers, faxes, printers, photocopiers) following loss or damage
Fidelity Insurance Cover for business in case of misappropriation of goods or money by employees.
General Property Cover for the cost of repairing or replacing specified items that are accidentally lost or damaged (laptops, mobile phones, tools of trade etc)
General Property Cover for the cost of replacing or fixing the glass when glass is accidentally broken
Machinery Breakdown Cover for the insuring loss or damage to machinery as a result of breakdown. Please note that it may also provide cover to the spoilage of food following machinery a breakdown
Money Cover for the loss of money or negotiable instruments
Personal Accident/Sickness Cover for the accidental injury or illness of an insured person
Worker's Compensation This is a compulsory scheme for employers to cover employees against injuries in the course of their employment

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